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How To Get Great Deals At A Thrift Store

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By Mary Howard

If you love bargains, then you definitely want to know where to find some great things at an affordable price. One of such places is a thrift store. There are a lot of nice things that are on sale here at quite a good price. Here are some handy tips to use when you want to buy things in such a shop.

Before you walk into any shop, it is important that you first establish what you are going to do in there. Whether you just want to look around or buy a couple of things. If you want to buy stuff, take a list along with you. Shopping without a list leaves you privy to many temptations, given that you might come across a lot of nice things that you might want to have. So plan ahead about what to buy to avoid getting derailed.

Go ready to look through stuff. Expect that this might take some time. That is why it is wise that you do not drag your small kids with you for such trips. They can get easily bored waiting for you to do your shopping. Leave your kids at home, so that you can fully focus on your shopping experience. This will give you a great opportunity to check through plenty of stuff.

Sales days can be really rewarding. You will get discounted rates, which could see you get as much as half the price slashed. Ask the staff which days they have sales and drop in on one of those days. Sales can be once a month or even a couple of times in a month. The shop might also have sales to get rid of old stock and bring in new stock.

Carry cash with you instead of going with your credit card. Carrying cash helps you to stick to your budget. Once you run out of cash, then you don't have any more money to spend. If you want to take your card, decide the maximum amount you can spend at the shop.

Be courteous when dealing with the staff. This is the right thing to do, since it is respectful and mindful of other people. The other advantage is that if you befriend the staff, they can let you know when there are some great deals that you can take advantage of.

It might also be helpful to go to the shop on the days when they have just put in new stock. You will get to see a wide variety of things. This is a great opportunity to grab some really nice stuff before other people have gone through it. So, drop in on some of those days when restocking is being done.

Bargaining can make a great difference. Haggle the price and get a discounted rated. This is particularly when you are buying lots of things. Don't be embarrassed to haggle. If they can't reduce the price, they will just let you know but if they agree to, you will save yourself a chunk of money. You can approach a salesperson or a manager to ask for a price reduction.

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